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Love Stream


8' x 16' x 8'

Previously installed in Bass Museum in Miami, FL and the Bunker Artspace in West Palm Beach, FL 

Recycled 1964 Airstream travel trailer; LED lights and electronics; fireproof upholstery; hand-blown glass flowers populated with mercury silvered plate glass; and ocular windows.


Love Stream consists of a 1964 Airstream trailer filled with hand-blown glass phallic flowers illuminated by LED lights. Some of the silver-nitrate-treated glass is lightly mirrored, and along with polished metal, glows with an intense luminosity that blurs boundaries between inside and out. The polished trailer becomes a kind of walk-in kaleidoscope where people can linger at length. Whether peering into the windows or gazing out, the subject and viewer flip, with the mirrored surfaces reversing their gazes. Each perspective yields a dreamlike reverie, mixing reflections of people with flowers and landscape.


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