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50' x 30' x 30'

Commissioned for Coachella, 2018

Currently installed in Bombay Beach, CA 

1940 Lockheed Lodestar WW2 military jet; curved steel substructure, ¾” structural steel legs, and landing pads; hand-blown glass flowers populated with mercury silvered plate glass; welded aluminum; LED lights and electronics.


A 50-ft-high sculpture made from a 1940 Lockheed Lodestar WW2 military jet adorned with hand-blown glass flowers made out of mercury and silver-plated glass, rises from the desert. Lit with LED lights and electronics, it is an instrument of destruction crafted into an interactive experience. From within this blossoming flower shape, the audience act as “pollinators,” ascending through its center and into the symbolic ovule to gather, interact, and observe, which they generally do at length. Taking this harrowing and constrictive journey of almost 50 vertical feet, the viewer is disoriented and confounded then sprung into an open 20-foot nest that sways uneasily. It is a dizzying experience of distorted reflections and gently pulsating light, meant to alter and confront the viewer’s expectations and perceptions. 


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