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Orient Point Lighthouse


64' x 21' x 21' 

1899 lighthouse, art residency and site-specific installation, Plum Gut, Long Island, NY


Cast-iron “sparkplug” lighthouse of the northeastern tip of Long Island (wheel and hammer dapped aluminum; fireproof upholstery; quartz crystal and hand silvered mirror motorized “planets” hand-blown glass flowers with hand  silvered pistils and stamens; LED illuminators and electronics.)


Originally painted brown, the Orient Point Lighthouse was known in its early days as the coffee pot. Today the caisson is black, the lower portion white, and the inside features a grotto installation as well as accommodations for up to 6 artists in residence. The combination of archeological shell, portholes, and elements with the techno-organic profusion of flowers and surreal reflections provide an especially synergistic environment that can inspire visual artists, writers, engineers, and scientists to create new work in a seaside permaculture apocalyptic campsite.


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