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Ketamine Space at Canal Street, NY

Multiple artworks throughout the space

Objects made of: Hand-finished, homegrown, beaded mycelium panels; handblown glass flowers with hand-silvered pistils and stamens; crystal “planets” with reflective highway glass marker beads.


The therapeutic force of ketamine comes from its ability to help you open up a little  – or a lot, giving you the capacity to see the world differently and adding some nimbleness to your thoughts. This is why ketamine seems to help with particular forms of psychological suffering that have a habitual or repetitive element to them. It’s also why Ketamine can help people beyond their suffering, to give them a chance to more deeply contemplate life-changes, get unstuck creatively or reach moments of awakening.

Continuing with our aim for an inventive and creative atmosphere of care, our physical space is a giant work of art. Developed by the installation-based artist and LEED-accredited master builder Randy Polumbo, it is a calming, novel and imaginative “holding space” for transformative experiences. The space’s design materializes our concept of “radical hospitality”, placing the guest and their goals at the center of the experience. All sensory interactions have been considered, from lighting, sound, scent and textures, which leads each moment through to a new discovery.


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