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Antigenic Rift


8' x 12' x 16'

Exhibited at Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Installed at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi, MS 

Foam and steel virus envelope particles with hand-blown glass elements referencing  COVID-19 glyco-protein spikes; mercury silvered glass plate; quartz crystals; reflective glass traffic beads; motors; LED light composition; musical score.

An interplanetary orbit of sculptural material unfolding in time and space alternately mimicking the look of planets and virus particles. Constructed in the midst of a global pandemic, Antigenic Rift aims to inspire. Turning the harmful effects of the virus into a synergistic experience of sound and color, the constantly changing display of rotating hand-blown elements resembling COVID-19 glyco-protein spikes speak to curiosity rather than fear.

Image Credit: Arthur Roger Gallery


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