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Angler Grove


10' x 16' x 20'

Permanently installed in Bombay Beach, CA 

Derelict house; polished aluminum; salvaged submarine hatch; single low-resolution video display; LED lights and electronics; fireproof upholstery; handblown glass flowers populated with mercury silvered plate glass; crystal “planets” composed of reflective highway sign and glass beads; silicone-sprayed foam topographical seating outside wrapping house; and puzzling sideways tamarisk trees.


Entered via a salvaged submarine hatch containing hand-blown glass flowers and a single low-resolution video that displays rhythmic loops of naturally occurring whirlpools, Angler Grove is constructed with topographical seating and puzzling sideways tamarisk trees as well as a contemplative grotto and outdoor grove made of natural foam and food-grade silicone. The hulking trees become “eyelids” to the “eye” of the ocular window, which tantalizes viewers as an invitation to surveillance and reflection; the resultant effect is a reversal of figure/ground, spectator, and performer.


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